Vadugapuli naranga pickle. or Curry lemon pickle without oil.

Vadugapuli  naranga  tastes like a lemon and is much bigger  in size than the lime. It is very good for health and cleanses the stoamch and good for nausea and morning sickness. Naranga means lemon in malayalam. It is also known as Wild lemon and Curry lemon. Skin of this lemon is very hard and thick.

Vadugapuli naranga is tangy and comparatively very sour and juicy. This is a very simple pickle with a mix of green chillies and salt. Unlike other pickles we are not using oil in this pickle. Some people are adding ginger. Today i have not added ginger in this  pickle.  In kerala this pickle is served on all festivals and sadya’s.

Let us see how to make this simple pickle.

Preparation time aprrox 10 minutes.


  • 1 vadugapuli naranga or Curry lemon.
  • salt to taste. (adjust according to the size of the lemon)
  • 8 chopped green chillies.( adjust according to the size.of the lemon.)
  • Boiling water.


Cut the vadugapuli naranga into small pieces. Chop the green chillies. Add to naranga. Add salt and mix well.

Boil 2 cups of water. Add this boiling water  to the pickle. It should cover the vadugapuli naranga. Mix well and keep aside. After a day we can use this.

. It will stay for few weeks if you are storing in the  fridge.






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