Paal Therattipal (Palgova)

Therattipal is a traditional sweet dish made out of full fat cow milk, it is a delicious dessert prepared in South India.

The average cooking time for this sweet dish is 45  minutes.


1 liter full fat cow milk

200 grams of sugar


Heat the milk in a heavy bottomed pan on medium flame. Allow the milk to boil till it becomes thicker and reduces to one cup quantity. Add the 200 grams of sugar and continuously stir for 5- 7 minutes till the mixture starts to thicken (reduce the flame at  this stage to avoid burning of Palgova).

After the dish is thick in consistency pour the mixture in a vessel.

This sweet dish will stay more than 10 days if refrigerated. Enjoy! 🙂Palgova

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  1. Sudha says:

    Thank you chitra for sharing this.


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