Elai Adai

Elai adai

 Elai means leaf. Elai adai is one of the traditional sweet dishes of South India.It is made with Chakka varatti or jack fruit jam mixed with grated coconut and rice batter.   we use banana leaf to make this sweet. We have to spread the rice batter on the banana leaf and use the Chakka varatti as stuffing and steam cook. We can make the Chakka varatti and store for months. It is available in stores also.I learnt this recipe from my amma who is an expert chef. Let us see how to make this sweet dish with step by step pictures. 

Preparation time approx 45 minutes 


  • 1 cup Chakka varatti or jack fruit jam
  • 1 cup grated fresh coconut. ( you can increase or reduce the quantity according to   
  •   taste)
  • 1 cup raw rice 
  • Banana leaf
  • 1 tsp ghee


Soak the rice for 3 hours . Grind the rice into very smooth batter using very little water. Add water with spoon. If water is more we won’t be able to spread it. Add a pinch of salt mix well and keep aside.


Mix Chakka varatti and grated coconut. Keep aside.


Cut the banana leaf into square pieces. Wash and clean . 


Mix the 1 tsp ghee to the rice batter mix well. Otherwise it may stick to the leaf and after cooking and we may not be able to remove from leaf.

Take a small ball size rice batter.


 spread on the leaf with fingers. Spread into round shape. 


Take a small ball size Chakka varatti .

spread on one side of the rice batter as shown in the picture. 


Fold the leaf in to half and fold side of the leaf also.


Boil little water in idly cooker or pressure cooker. 

Arrange the adais  on idly plate. 


Keep the plate inside cooker and close it. Do not use weight if you are using pressure cooker. 

Steam cook for 12 minutes. 


Switch of stove

Let it cool

After 10 minutes take out adai. 


Open the leaf slowly and take out adai and use. 


How to make Chakka varatti

  • Take 1 cup of chopped ripped Chakka 

Grind this. 

  •  Measure the chakka paste. Use equal amount of jageery.

Heat very little water and add jaggery. Once the jaggery melts strain it.

Again boil the strained jaggery water. Let it boil nicely.

Now add chakka paste and cook. Keep on stirring well.

It will become thick  after a stage. Switch off the  gas.

If you wish you can add little ghee to this. I am not adding ghee . Store this in fridge. When ever you want you can use for adai or payasam.

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  1. The HomeChef says:

    I absolutely love elai Ada…yum recipe… gonna try and make it for Vishu !


  2. Love Elaine adai! I Can’t wait to try this soon!


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