Sakkarai pongal or sweet pongal.

Being Makara sankrathi / pongal today i made sweet pongal or Sakkarai pongal/ chakkarai pongal. Sweet pongal is made with raw rice, moong daal, jaggery, ghee, milk , cashewnuts, and some raisins. It is traditionaly made in venkalam or bronze pot. Since i didnt have the bronze vessels here in Bahrain i used my pressure cooker to make this. In this method it is very easy to make this sweet pongal. Let us see how to make this yummy traditional sweet.

Preparation time approx 40 to 45 minutes.


1 cup raw rice. ( try to use new rice)

1/4 cup yellow split moong daal.

2 cups of grated jaggery ( preferably paku vellam )

1 cup of milk

1/2 cup of ghee or clarified butter.

3 to 4 tbsp broken cashewnuts.

2 to 3 tbsp black raisins.

a dash of not even a pinch edible camphor.


In a pressure cooker add washed rice and moong daal. (if your rice is good no need of soaking if it is old rice soak both together for 1 hour ) Add 4 cup of water, 1 cup of milk plain or boiled. 1 tbsp ghee. Pressure cook this on medium flame for 5 to 6 whistles. It should be mushy in texture after cooking .

In the mean time heat a pan add jaggery and 1/4 cup of water. Boil this. When jaggery melted fully strain this to remove impurities. Again boil this till you are getting half thread consistency. Its called ilam paku in tamil. When you touch the jaggery with 2 fingers thread will form when you open the fingers. So this is the consistency,

Once rice is cooked add this to jaggery mixture. Cook on slow flame. Mix well and add little more ghee. Ghee you can add more or less according to your choice.

When it is cooked well add a dash or half the amount of a pinch edible camphor. This will give taste and aroma to the pongal. you can omit this if you dont like the taste.

Heat 3 tbsp of ghee. Add chopped cashewnuts and raisins. When cashews become brown pour this over the sweet.


quantity of ghee is according to your choice.

amount of cashew and raisins also your choice.

You can add cardomom or nuts of your choice.

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