Jowar or sorghum dosa without rice.

Jowar or sorghum in English and cholam in tamil is a gluten free grain. It is an excellent option for people who suffer from “gluten intolerance” and it is rich in nutrients as well. Compaired to other grains it has high fiber, protein ,iron and vitamins. Jowar is a good option for weight loss. Today i am giving you a recipe which is easy yummy and even we can give to children. I made sambar for Jowar dosa as sisde dish. You can have this dosa with any kind of chutney also. Let us see how to make this dosa. It needs fermentation. I have not added any soda or eno.

Preparation time approx 5 to 10 minutes.

Soaking time. over night or 7 to 8 hours.

Fermenting time 8 to 10 hours .


1cup Jowar seeds.

1/4 cup whole white urad daal.

1/4 cup flattened rice or poha.

1 tsp fenugreek seeds or methi seeds.

salt to taste.

gingelly oil for making dosa.


Wash the jowar, methi or fenugreek seeds and urad daal overnight or 7 to 8 hours. Soak the flattened rice or poha for 15 minutes.Grind everything together in a mixer grinder adding very little water. Take care it shoud not be too much watery. Add salt and mix well. Ferment this batter for 8 to 9 hours or till it raises up very well.

Heat a dosa pan. I used iron dosa pan. Sprinkle little oil and spread it with a tissue paper. When the pan is hot add a laddle full of batter and spread it. Pour little oil or ghee over the dosa. When once side becomes brown and cooked flip it over the other side. Cook both sides. Remove from stove and serve with sambar or any chutney of your choice.

Heat a dosa pan ( i used iron pan). Rub little oil with a tissue paper. When the tawa is hot pour one laddle full of batter abd spread it. Pour some gingelly oil all over. ( you can use ghee also) When one side is cooked flip it . Cook both sides till it is crispy and have the dosa with chutney or sambar.

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  1. Nisha Sharma says:

    Oh that’s super healthy

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  2. I made dosa today with millets but only substituted one cup of rice with millets. Will have to try without rice sometime.


    1. Oh waw. Okay. Nice to hear. Next time try without rice it tastes good


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