Jello Boats

I stumbled upon this dish on YouTube when I was browsing. These boats can be made with any fruits and any flavour of jelly. I preferred to try it with oranges as they were simple to set and cut. It is extremely easy to make and can be served at kids parties or kitty parties.

Let’s look at the simple steps to make these yummy juicy boats! You can follow this recipe with step by step photos.


  • 1 packet orange jelly (make the jelly as per the instruction on the packet)
  • 5 gms gelatin
  • 4 big oranges


Wash and cut the oranges into half.


Scoop out the inside pulp of the oranges with a spoon.


Once you have made the jelly, pour the jelly inside the orange peel cups.


Arrange the orange cups in a tray for setting the jelly. Make sure you refrigrate for 5 hours for the jelly to set.

Once this is done, remove the orange cups from the fridge now cut them into equal halves. Your jelly is ready to be served.


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