Thenkuzhal is one of the many crispy snacks made for the festival Diwali. My mother is an expert in making all these snacks. I learned the recipe from her. It is made with rice flour and urad dal. Let us see how to make this crispy white thenkuzhal. I used store bought rice flour and urad dal powder to make this snack.

Preparation time 45 to 50 minutes.



  • 2 cup rice flour
  • 1/4 heaped cup Urad dal. (Fry this piwder till it becomes hot)
  • 2 tbsp melted butter or at room temperature.
  • 1/2tsp jeera.
  • 1/2tsp tsp hing powder
  • Salt to taste.
  • Oil for deep frying.

Fry the urad dal powder for few seconds. Take care colour should not change.Mix rice flour, urad dal powder, hing, salt, jeera and melted butter. Mix everything with your fingers.  Now add water little by little. Make a smooth dough.
Heat oil  in a pan.

Fill the dough in chakli press. Use 3 whole blade to make thenkuzhal.

Press the dough and make chakli on the revserse side of a flat ladder.

When the oil is hot slowly invert the ladle on hot  oil.

Reduce the flame on medium.

Fry the thenkuzhal both the sides on medium flame.


When the bubbles in oil stops take out .

Store in an air tight container.


Do not make the dough fully. Batch by batch we can make. Take little mix of rice flour and dal and add water then make dough. once it is over again make dough.So that color will not change and you will get white colur thenkuzhal.




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  1. Oh they are super tempting !!


    1. Thank you for liking my post Vidya.

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  2. Kurian says:

    I love it
    And your post


    1. Thank you Mr.Kurian.

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      1. Kurian says:

        You are welcome


  3. mistimaan says:

    Very tasty recipe 🙂


  4. Wow…These are looking so good..Lovely recipe..Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.


    1. Thank you Anshu for liking the recipe


  5. Looking so good. Wonderful recipe.


  6. N. Savithri says:

    Very nice & easily narrated. Thank you very much. Vazhga Valamudan.

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