Wheat flour halwa/ Gothumai halwa

Gothumai halwa making is a very tedious work if you are taking the milk and do. Today I tried a new method. It tastes like iruttukadai Thirunelveli halwa. Even bigginer’s can make this sweet without failure.with in 30 minutes we can make this halwa. With little ghee we will get yummy halwa. Let us see how to make this easy sweet.

Preparation time approx. 30 minutes.


1/2 cup wheat flour or atta/ Gothumai mavu

1 1/2 cup sugar.

1/2 cup ghee or clarified butter.

4 to 5 tbsp broken cashewnuts.

1/2 tsp cardamom powder (optional)


Heat a small nonstick pan. Add 1/2 cup sugar. In slow flame let it melt. Keep on stirring. Let it caramelize. When it become brown switch off the stove.

In the mean time add 5 cups of water to the wheat flour and mix well without lumps.

Heat a thick bottom pan add a tbsp ghee and heat. Fry the cashewnuts till it turns brown. Take out the cashew and keep aside.

In the same pan or kadai add wheat flour mixed in water. Keep on stirring.

It will start thickening with in minutes. Now add the balance 1 cup sugar and caramelized sugar syrup. In the medium fire keep on stirring. Add 2 tbsp ghee. Stir well. When it becomes non sticky add balance ghee and fried cashew. Mix well.

The batter becomes nonstick and comd out like round ball. It will take 20 minutes at least to get this consistency.

Switch off the stove. Serve.

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