Panagam/ panakam/ ginger jaggery drink

Panagam is a traditional Southindian drink prepared on festivals like Ram navami, Hanuman Jayandhi or as a prasadam to any pooja . I generally prepared this drink on Thursday’s as an offering to Sai Baba. It is a very healthy no cook drink prepared with jaggery and dried ginger powder. Panagam is very good to beat the heat. Let us see how to make this drink.

Preparation time approx 5 minutes.


2 cups water

1/ 2 cup jaggery powder.

1 tsp dried ginger/ chukku/ South powder.

1/4 spoon cardamom powderor 2 crushed cardamom or elaichi.

1 tbsp lemon juice.( adjust as per your taste)


Mix water and jaggery. Let the jaggery melt. Strain this and discard impurities.

Add all other ingredients and mix well.

( adjust the sweet adding water).

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