Country vegetables puzhukku/ curry

Today my amma taught me a different mix of vegetable puzhukku or side dish. We can make puzhukku with a single vegetable or tapioca or mixed veg also. We can have this with hot rice as a side dish. I love to eat with dosa also. Without onion garlic this puzhukku tastes so nice. Let us see how to make this.

Preparation time approx. 20 minutes.


2 small potatoes.

4 to 5 colocassia/ arbi

200 gram yam

1 raw banana or plantain

A small piece of yellow pumpkin.

1/ 4 cup cooked green moong daal.

1/ 2 cup grated fresh coconut.

1/2 tsp jeera.

4 to 5 greenchillies. ( adjust according to your taste).

Salt to taste.

1/ 2 tsp turmeric powder.


Cut all vegetables in to cubes.

1 tbsp coconut oil

Few curry leaves

In a pressure cooker add all when veggies and 1/ 2cup water. Add salt and turmeric powder. Cook for 3 whistles.

Grind coconut, jeera, green chillies in to a fine paste.

Add this to cooked veggies mix well. Add coconut oil and curry leaves.

Serve with hot rice

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