Milk powder mysorepak or Burfi or cake

Milk powder Mysorepak or burfi is one of the easiest sweet which we can make with in 15 minutes with very few items. There is no chance of failure in this sweet. I made this many times. My son’s favorite sweet. It’s one of the hit item in parties also. Try this easy sweet for new year.We can make this with  3 items. Milk powder, butter and sugar.  I used Nido milk powder. Let us see how to make this

Preparation time approx 15 minutes 

20151230_132610 (1).jpg



  • 3/4 cup butter or 1 cup ghee.
  • 2 cup milk powder
  • 3 cup sugar.


In a nonstick kadai add sugar and add 1 cup water. Melt the sugar.


Add butter. Let it melt20151230_115406.jpg



When the butter started melting add milk powder.


Keep on stirring ( it will take around 10 minutes )


Keep little water in a small plate.

After the mixture is slightly thick, put little milk powder mixture into water.



If you are able to make the mixture into round balls, the sweet is ready.


Grease a plate with butter.

Pour the mixture into the greased plate.


After 5 minutes cut into desired shape.




20151230_132610 (1).jpg


If you want to check the correct consistency you throw the ball in an empty plate. You can hear good sound . If it is not ready sound will be less.

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